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About Me

I am a professor and scholar of Christian origins working at the intersection of narratology, narrative criticism, and historical criticism. My research explores literary and historical questions in the narratives about Jesus both within and outside the New Testament. I have written extensively about narrative critical issues as well as characterization in the Gospels of John and Mark. I have also written about the scholarly reception of the Gospel of Thomas and New Testament ethics. My additional interests include the reception of Jesus within popular culture and the leveraging of ideas about Jesus and the Bible within contemporary political and religious discourse.

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Away from the office, I enjoy spending time with my family, watching sports, reading, and running. I am a music enthusiast and avid concertgoer, as well as a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.

I am a native of southeastern Virginia and would almost always prefer to be at the beach (and by that, I mean somewhere with an actual ocean and not what passes for a "beach" here in Chicago!).  One of our family favorites is Cape Hatteras, NC (pictured here).

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